Please note that SAEQA are not allowed to process any registrations after 31 July 2014 for the period 1 August to 31 December 2014. This must be done through the SAEF! Please see instructions taken directly from their website!

Non-competing Officials - I believe that you follow the same process, however there is a non rider category under which is an official registration.

For competitions held after 31 July 2014, your registrations with SAEF as per the instructions below will need to be in place. We have been told that we will be getting a weekly list of new members, so we will be cross-checking. Those who have competed after 31 July must ensure they are duly registered, unless they have paid a day membership fee to the show-holding body. SAEF will be notified of anyone not compliant.

As and when we start receiving these lists, we will post them on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: you will now only have 1 membership number (your SAEF number, which I believe will be your ID number) across all disciplines!

Herewith link to start the process :  

If you are already registered on the SASJ Website, use your usual username and password, and click ’Sign

in’, not ‘Register’. On the above link – do not try to renew your registration on the SASJ Website. You are

then directed to your profile page. Then click on ‘Renew Membership Year Ending 2014” at the top of the

page, and follow your nose from there!


PLEASE ensure you use one of the following updated browsers Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet

Explorer 10, that way the process runs smoothly as there have been errors when old browsers are used.

Here you will be able to set up your new classification.

Equestrian Code Fees are applied as follows :-

 Carriage Driving

 Driving Member Adult R 145.83

 Child / Junior Member R 62.50


 Dressage

 Adult Graded Member R 166.66

 Adult Entry Level Member R 41.66

 Child / Junior Member R 41.66


 Equitation

 Adult Graded Member R 41.66

 Adult Entry Level Member R 20.83

 Child / Junior Member R 20.83


 Eventing

 All Entry Level Members R 41.66

 Graded Children / Junior Member R 104.16

 Adult Amateur Member R 156.25

 Adult Professional Member R 270.83


 Showing

 All Entry Level Members R 20.83

 Adult Member R 41.66

 Child / Junior Member R 20.83


 Show Jumping

 All Entry Level Members R 41.66

 Graded Children / Junior Member R 104.16

 Adult Amateur Member R 156.25

 Adult Professional Member R 270.83


 Vaulting

 Social Member R 20.83

 Entry Level Member R 62.50

 Full Member R 250.00


Horses:  R 83.00


You will need to also do your SAEF Registration. You can also add new horses by going to “my horses” and adding your new horse.


Please note re your horses:  SAEF now requires you to upload 5 pages of you horse passport documents – the pages required are listed below.

Flu Vaccination Page

AHS Vaccination Page

Passport Front Page

Details Of Ownership

Identification Page (Branding marks, tattoos with the description box)

Controls will be turned on soon and you will only be able to enter shows once payment is confirmed for

you and your horse & your horses documents are uploaded and approved in our database!



Riders will also need an account with Payfast to pay for their invoice!

Please ensure you pay via payfast!!!



Renewals and adding a horse, profile changes should be done on the site