Dear Equitation Members,

The SAEF is in the process of formalising their constitution. Attached, please find a generic constitution that has been sent to them by SASCOC. You are welcome to comment on any aspects of the constitution. The process will be as follows:

 1. Any comments any member wishes to make must please be sent to Please state CLEARLY within the email or subject line which province you are resident in. These must reach us by Tuesday 10 June 2014. Please note that any comments received after 10 June will unfortunately not be sent in. There has to be a cut off point .

2. These will then forward these on to the SAEQA Chairman, who will in turn forward the comments onto the SAEF. This has to be received by the SAEF office no later than the 18 June 2014.

3. The SAEF will consider all points raised and these will be discussed at a meeting on the 21 June 2014.

Other info to be considered:

Please note that the constitution needs to include the following:

1.       Specific rights and duties of the Provincial SAEF Federations/councils and the Discipline Associations

2.       Definitions needs to be adjusted to include certain equestrian issues as well

3.       Special members are eg. the Athletes commission/committee

4.       Objects needs to be adjusted to be more specific for Equestrian

5.       The same with Powers

6.       In regards to the membership, it must be noted that it has been confirmed that in order to ensure that there is no confusion, that the Discipline Associations are classed as Disciplines, and are totally different to Associate Members, and as such would not have the vote on the National Executive/Council. Their vote is at Provincial level

7.       A clause for conflict of interest needs to be included and same as received from Mr. Hack can be seen at the bottom

8.       In regards to the registration of  riders we need to ensure and discuss our club system in this regard and how it is to be implemented in the Provinces.

9.       Discipline associations can be co-opted on the council but as advisors/advisory board without a vote, they will be forming the Provincial committees and will have their vote there.

10.   In re the executive board, it is not a must that it should be in that form and can be the council. It can also be considered that the executive are the elected officials, President, Vice President, treasurer and SG who must implement the instructions received from council.

11.   A MANCO can be included but is not a must.

A meeting will be held on the 21st to discuss:

-          SAEF Structure

-          Club system

-          Point of registration

-          Changes to constitution, so as to draft the final version to be forwarded back to Mr. Raymond Hack.