A most successful Sanctioned development Equitation Show was held at Eaton Farm on Saturday, 16th November.

Competitors were allowed ride their tests in all the various Grades – Welcome, Novice and Intermediate Classes and then given their comment/score sheets immediately from the Judge upon exiting the Arena.  They were then able to consult with their Instructors and Parents to discuss where improvements could be made and later allowed to ride the same Tests again utilizing the Judge’s observations to better their presentation and execution of the Flatwork and Jumping Round.

Marks were not held up and there were no winners, as such, just each competitor riding for their own experience and improvement and a better understanding of what the Judge is looking for in Equitation Classes. This innovative and novel way of assisting competitors was received by both the parents and riders with enormous enthusiasm and was felt to be most beneficial to all who participated.

Sincere thanks must go to Angie Meredith of Eaton Farm and Kirsty Loots of Sunvalley Stables for organizing this welcome initiative. Special thanks must also go to Yvonne Bolton whose expertise was absolutely invaluable. All pupils benefitted hugely from her help. We trust that we can look forward to more of these informative events in the future.