Remember you need a minimum of 5 Novice points in order to go up to Intermediate level and a minimum of 8 points in Intermediate to upgrade to Open.

Pony Riders moving to Junior Riders may enter the same level as they were riding in Pony Riders so long as the horse they ride is graded to jump at the appropriate height e.g. an Open Pony Rider may elect to ride Junior Open so long as their horse has a Proven Record at 1:10cm in show-jumping, eventing or SANESA competition.

Once you have elected a grade to ride in, you must gain points as per the standard system in order to move through the grades.

Intermediate classes can only be graded if Part 3 is ridden. 

Open competitions can only be graded if a Part 3 is ridden and a swop occurs.  In the event of there being only 1 rider a mystery pony/horse must be used. Please refer to the rules for more clarity/ information.