Fax to Email number – 086 560 6813

Email – admin@saeqa.co.za or saeqanational@gmail.com

National Chairperson Kirsty Loots admin@saeqa.co.za or saeqanational@gmail.com
National Vice Chair Dawne Nissan kznequitation@gmail.com or dawnnissan@telkomsa.net
Officials Yvonne Bolton admin@saeqa.co.za
Finance Richard van der Wel finance@saeqa.co.za
Development & Transformation Elaine Deverneuil development@saeqa.co.za or admin@saeqa.co.za
National Secretary (Admin & Marketing) Leigh-Anne Scott admin@saeqa.co.za or saeqanational@gmail.com
Eastern Cape Margie de Vrye admin@saeqa.co.za
Free State   admin@saeqa.co.za
Gauteng Amy Billett saeqagp@gmail.com
Kwazulu-Natal Dawne Nissen kznequitation@gmail.com/dawnnissan@telkomsa.net
Limpopo   admin@saeqa.co.za
Mpumalanga   admin@saeqa.co.za
Northern Cape Ricky Talbot saeqanational@gmail.com / admin@saeqa.co.za
North West   admin@saeqa.co.za
Western Cape   admin@saeqa.co.za
Registrations Leigh-Anne Scott admin@saeqa.co.za /saeqagp@gmail.com /saeqanational@gmail.com
Grading   admin@saeqa.co.za

Where no name is listed yet, please use admin@saeqa.co.za and the email will be forwarded to the correct person.